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    It is our philosophy at Little Stars Academy Preschool to aid in the development of healthy children. Our program is designed to positively reinforce habits leading to a physically, socially, and emotionally healthy child. We understand that preschool years are of outmost importance in a child’s developmental process. Therefore, we take great pride in providing the best environment for children to learn, interact with other children, and explore the world around them.

    Two important pillars of our program are positive reinforcement and learning through play. We believe that these aspects are paramount to a child’s developmental process. Our goal is to help a child feel comfortable with him/herself as a person, feel confident in relating his/her needs and feeling to others and to have a positive self-concept about his/her ability to function.

    We also put great effort in the cognitive aspect of a child’s development. Our activities are geared towards enhancing creativity, object, color, and pattern recognition, as well as other aspects of a child’s cognitive development.