14237 Van Nuys Blvd, Arleta CA 91331
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    Our playground is provides a magical setting for kids to play and learn. One one corner we have the shades climber with a fall safe sand cushion. On the other end we have tricycles with marked bike track. There is also shade tree with a small patch of grass where children rest and just enjoy sitting on the grass.

    Whenever possible we also eat outside under the large shade canopy. The beautiful play house play an important role in role play, which is an integral part of early childhood education.

    The Toddler play area is separate from the rest of the playground. The Toddler playground offers smaller play equipment in a smaller area so teachers can better supervise them and always maintain line of site visual contact.

    The playground is also an area where children will practice gardening. They learn how to play tiny seedlings, take care of them with water and fertilizer and enjoy the fruit ois their labor.