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Parenting Skills - Raising Confident Children

September 11, 2016

Raising confident children and teaching your children to have self-esteem are not easy tasks. However, they are critical facets of preparing your children to live independently in the world once they become adults. Raising confident children is often easier for parents who are confident themselves, specifically because they have already witnessed the parenting skills necessary to instill confidence in children.

Building a healthy sense of self-esteem in children is part of raising confident children who can handle themselves in almost any situation that arises. Having a sense of self-esteem involves the knowledge of being loved unconditionally. Therefore, it is essential for parents to show their children that they love them unconditionally. Children who have developed a sense of self-esteem realize that they are valuable and worthy of their parent’s attention. These children should grow into confident adults.

Parents influence the level of their children’s self-confidence and sense of self-esteem through the manner in which they treat their children. Peers can also influence the self-esteem and level of confidence children exhibit. Therefore, it’s important for parents to teach their children independence and to have confidence in their ability to make their own decisions.

Confident children have the ability to encourage themselves to do the things that are difficult in life. They can offer support to themselves without having to look for it elsewhere. Teaching children to rely on themselves and not to look to their parents for guidance goes hand in hand with raising confident children.

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