14237 Van Nuys Blvd, Arleta CA 91331
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    The entrance to the school is through the front office. While there are many emergency exits all parents have to enter the school through the front office. This ensures security and easy method of us to monitor who enters the school.

    Please note children can be dropped off and picked up my only authorized petrsons designated on your admission records. No unauthorized person by law can pick up your child.

    All parents must sign-in and sign off their children at the front office. This is California law. Failure to do so means heavy fines, so please make sure you do this diligently.

    The front office is also the central hub for the school., It is where all child administration records are kept. It is where parents drop off their tuition via the conveniently placed tuition box. If you need to full out any special instructions, this is where it should be done and handed over the administrator for verification.

    We have a sophisticated Camera system located at the front office. This ensures that all classrooms can be monitored carefully.