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How to develop personality of children

September 11, 2016

Developing a child’s personality is an essential element in today’s competitive world. A developed personality is definitely a key to success. Though developing personality in children is a slow and steady process yet with proper patience parents can definitely get it through. This article helps parents to learn more about how to develop personality of children.


How to develop personality of children

Who doesn’t dream of a intelligent, confident and wise child who stands top and takes situations positively? It is a dream of every parent to have a child who has a distinctive personality and walks ahead of others. Few of the children are no matter gifted with such a personality and parents for those kids don’t need to take any extra efforts to make them more distinctive than the rest. But for parents of those whose children are shy, negative, unmotivated or even with inferior personalities may find it difficult to handle as well as would have to take extra efforts to help these children develop a better personality to walk ahead in life. It is definitely needed in today’s competitive world to have a distinctive personality which helps the child to control and mange his temperament as well as teaches the child to follow his own instincts. And then who says that a child who is shy or has low self esteem may not have a chance of building or developing a distinctive personality like the rest.


What exactly is personality development in children

Personality development refers to a process where a child’s personality is groomed and enhanced. The grooming of the child’s personality is done in such a way to bring some positive changes in his life to make him a better person.


Myths about personality development in children

Few parents still have lot of myths about personality development. For few parents good looks, good dressing sense, healthy physique etc in their child are the only facets of good personality. Though we may term these qualities as one of the important part of personality development, yet these are not enough to help your child in facing the challenges in life. With looks one also needs positive attitude, skills, knowledge, interest, language fluency and interaction skills to handle the situations and challenges in life


Importance of the need to develop a personality in children

Developing a child’s personality holds a great importance, as it brings lot more changes in the way the child behaves, deals or accepts a situation or life itself. And then who as a parent would like to see lot of personality traits in a child. A child with a developed personality,

– Can stay socially viable

– Would overall be able to impress his audience

– Can interact better

– Can handle situations with great ease

– Would have a positive approach towards each and every situations in life

– Can handle stress better


What all changes the process of personality development in a child includes

When we try to develop a personality of a child, the changes that we can expect to see in him or her include:

– Boost in confidence

– Improvement in communication skills

– Improvement in language speaking

– Ability to enhance once scope of knowledge by widening the boundaries.

– Development of few hobbies or brushing of particular skills

– Teaching proper etiquette

– Teaching proper manners

– Adding a dash of style to the child’s personality

– Changing the way a child looks or walks

– Trying to get over the child from any of his weaknesses

– Bringing positive attitude in the child’s way of thinking and living.

Though bringing all these changes in your child who has a weaker personality may take a lot of time, but yet over the period of time one can expect a lot of positive change in your child. Once you understand how and what the whole process of personality development is all about then it gets easier for parent to help and learn how to develop personality in their children.


Always play a role of mirror in your child’s life

This forms one of the most essential elements in developing the personality of a child. Very often parents have a habit of appraising their children more than needed. This means that few parents always try to look and talk about all the good about their child but in this proves most of the time they ignore or hide the bad elements in their child’s personality. If a child is good looking then the child is appraised for the same, or if a child is good in studies then the parents concern only to the same. But what if the child is shy or has a stage fright or even has no interest in sports or other activities. To develop multi-faceted skills in your child help them to learn more about the truth and try to help them develop the same.


Don’t ignore the weaknesses of your child

Though a child may be good in studies, yet to have a developed personality and also to compete in today’s world a child may need more than academic skills. Hence it is very important to brush those skills in your child by helping them join some additional activity class or a hobby class. If you are aware of any weaknesses in your child for say stage fright or even some personality disorders then its ideal not to ignore such weaknesses but help your child to deal with it.


Don’t force your child into something that he’s not interested

Just to fulfill your unturned wishes or to try gaining your unfinished desires, don’t make your child run some unexpected and unwanted races in life which he is not interested in. Instead allow him the freedom to select a activity which he wishes to enjoy and live up to. It is ideal to not over-expect from your child and thus force to make him an all rounder. Instead of overburdening the children, try to make the whole personality development process much easier for him.


Don’t expect the whole personality development to happen overnight

It is not that easy to change or develop your child’s personality overnight. It is definitely going to take its own sweet time and parents need to have patience for the same.


Be a good role model for your children

Finally it’s how the parents are and that’s how the child would be! Parent’s attitude, actions and certain acts have a great influence on children. Children imitate their parents a lot and hence parents need to behave well in front of their children. Proper care has to be taken by parents while expressing their temperaments as well as behavior in front of children.

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